A pebble thrown - <BR>It seemed such an insignificant thing.<BR>But as it splashed into the murky water<BR>Of the great, gray pond<BR>It created ripples,<BR>Each extending in increasing, shimmering arcs<BR>Widening their reach like endless heartbeats<BR>Until each wave touched the distant shore.<BR>A small hurt really -<BR>Or so it must have seemed to you.<BR>A careless word, an angry outburst,<BR>An indifferent sigh -<BR>Telling me not thoughts of your love,<BR>But thoughts of your unacceptance.<BR>It too sent shuddering waves of agony<BR>Each extending in increasing, darkening waves of pain<BR>Throughout so many lives untold.<BR>Far-reaching effects only a stone's throw away.<BR>