The following hymn is found in the "Marriage" section of our church hymnal. The title is "When Love is Found"<P>When love is found and hope comes home, <BR>sing and be glad that two are one.<BR>When love explodes and fills the sky, <BR>praise God and share our Makers joy.<P>When love has flowered in trust and care, <BR>build both each day, that love may dare<BR>to reach beyond home's warmth and light, <BR>to serve and strive for truth and right.<P>When love is tried as loved ones change,<BR>hold still to hope though all seems strange,<BR>till ease returns, and love grows wise<BR>through listening ears and opened eyes.<P>When love is torn and trust betrayed,<BR>pray strength to love till torments fade,<BR>till lovers keep no score of wrong,<BR>but hear through pain love's Easter song.<P>Praise God for love, praise God for life, <BR>in age or youth, in husband , wife.<BR>Lift up your hearts let love be fed <BR>through death and life in broken bread