Look At Me<P>Hey you, yeah you.<BR>Are you alive in there?<BR>Hey you, yeah you.<BR>You got something<BR>to hide in there?<P>I can feel your heart beating<BR>but your eyes remain dead.<BR>You can see my mouth moving<BR>but don't hear a word I said.<P>Hey you, yeah you.<BR>Is there anyone home in there?<BR>Hey you, yeah you.<BR>Do you want to be <BR>alone in there?<P>I can hear your heavy breathing<BR>but my passion you ignore.<BR>You stab and jab my trusting heart<BR>and toss it on the floor.<P>Hey you, yeah you.<BR>Do I exist in your life?<BR>Hey you, yeah you.<BR>Look at me-<BR>I'm your f**king wife.