As usual you can change the wording to pray this for yourself.

Father, in the name of Jesus, You make Your face to shine upon and enlighten _______
and are gracious to him/her/me. __________ is the head and not the tail. ________ is above only and not beneath.

Thank You for favor for __________ who seeks Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness and diligently seeks good. ________ is a blessing to You, Lord, and is a blessing to
____________ ( name them; family , friends , neighbors, business assocts. ect..) Grae (favor) is with __________, who lives the Lord Jesus in sincerity. ________ extends favor, honor, and love to _________ ________
________ (names). ________ is flowing in Your love, Father. You are pouring out upon _______ the spirit of favor. You crown him/her/me with glory and honor for he/she/I is/am Your child - Your workmanship.

_________ Is a sucess today. ________ is someone very special with You, Lord. _______ is growing in the Lord - waxing strong in spirit. Father, You give _________ knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom.

You bring ___________ to find favor, compassion and lovingkindness with __________ (names). __________ obtains favor in sight of all who look upon him/her/me this day in the name of Jesus. _________ is filled with Your fullness- rooted and grounded in love. You are doing exceeding and abundantly above all that _________ asks or thinks for Your mighty power is power is taking over in _______.

Thank You Father, that __________ is well-favored by You and by man in Jesus name ! Amen.


Scripture Refrences-----------

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