Hi - I am Shedonna and I was just shakened by you wonderful testimony. I have questions that I need to ask you. I am holding on to the precious words of the Lord.
Everyday is a struggle but I know that no matter what, it's going to me alright.

Every word, I literally hung to. I read and re-read your writing and was so led to tell you how much I enjoyed and was moved by it. It gives me that extra push and desire that I know that I must do the same. God has been asking me to write a book about these experiences, and now I must.

You are truly a blessing to me and I give God the glory and the praise for a person that he has used and now have turned to help others. How powerful. How long did it take for your manifestation in your husband? I know God does not measure time, but it would help me to know, because I have been waiting and praying for my husband, who seem to still be running from the Lord. I found out about an affair in 1998 and since I pray has ended, and now at his job, (he is a manager)
he told me that there was a rumor in the office that he was going with his assistant manager. Rumor-I feel like there was something to it. God had already let me know that there was an enemy that I should be aware of in a dream in the form of a snake. When one of his own employees approached me and told me not to trust his assistant manager, I knew then what God had shown me. It was in a matter of days. How awesome God is. I serve him with praise and any other way that I can. Please write me. I really want to know if you have received this message. You can write me at my e-mail address at Madshe2018@aol.com

God Bless you and your family and keep you in his favor.