As I had posted this elswhere, I feel now is the time to bring it here.<P>I stopped in here at work on my way out of town to a candle light service.<P>Ten days ago I was served papers by a deputy who stopped by the office in the morning.<P>Tuesday, AM, I will consult with an attorney I have met with once before.<P>One week ago, I had to drive down to sign unrelated documents at a bank with her. When she finally showed up, I was able to see and talk with her for a short time. She never indicated she had filed and, from what I conclude, she may have done so four months ago. I have little hope left, yet I try.<P>However, I still can recognize a miracle.<P>I did ask, just once, for her to concider recinding the papers. I asked that we spend time talking.<P>My appointment is 9 am pst.<BR>Pray the Spirit can show me, through the attorney, hope, or healing, through his words.<P>rrunrr<BR><P>------------------<BR>Almost anything can be undone or forgiven.<P>Never take trust for granted.