Dear Tom, I am so sorry I didn't see this post until today. I had not checked the new posts for a while. I am grateful that you are encouraged, and hope that by now things are better for you.
I will also pray for you and your marriage.
It is not easy at times to wait, but I know that God has a plan, and that it will come to pass...
The fact that you were the WS and have repented is a miracle in itself! Your W will one day see the changes in you. Of course she is afraid of being hurt again. I often wonder what will happen when my WS returns, will I trust him again?
The difference is I guess that I am trusting in the Lord and not him. We need to pray for your W that she will come to know Jesus first and foremost. Once she has given all to Him, she will then be able to love and trust you again.
Some of us 'standers' are praying every Wed. for each other, it is posted under the Divorced Topic, and called Restoration of marriages Prayer group, and has each WEd. date in the title. Please go to it and join us, that we may pray for each other. I'm not sure I have the title exact, so if it is not right, I'll add it later. I hope and pray that you get this message!
God Bless Tom, and stay encouraged!
Love in Christ, Monika