I received this email today, thought I would pass it on ... A Call to Prayer

The World Prayer Centre is calling Christians worldwide to a Worldwide day of prayer Monday March 3, 2003
Christians from all over the world have been sending messages to the World Day of Prayer Centre saying that GOd
is impressing upon them to prepare to pray on 03-03-03.Interestingly this date is significance to the New Age Movement
and the Islamic world .It is the last day of the pilgrimage to Meca when Muslims are encouraged to make a sacrifice.It is also the eve of the Islamic New Year

The World Prayer Team has called all Christians to set aside time to pray at 3:33PM in their time zone on 03-03-03
The Holy Spirit has highlighted Jeremiah 33:3 as our call to action , "Call to me , and I will answer you
and show you great and mighty things , which you do not know.'

Prayer Focus :
Pray that armies of heaven will push back the powers of darkness in the Middle East .
Pray that Saddam Hussein will leave the country before war is required to remove him from power.
Pray that a spirual shield will contain hostilities within the Iraqui borders ( if war cannot be
avoided) , such that it does not spill over to the entire Islamic world .
Pray that weapons of mass destruction, if they are deployed on any side of the battle , be powerless.
Pray That this date , rather than being a focus point of darkness , will be overwhelmed by the Light of God
through the worldwide prayers of His people