I decided to go all out for our 22nd anniversary this year. I started planning the event about a month prior. My wife is not used to this as I have a tendency to either wait for the last minute or let her handle all of the planning. I rented a stretch limo to take us to dinner at one of the more elite restaurants in the area. I wanted this to be a complete surprise. All I told her was that she would have to be dressed up and ready by 6:30pm. I clued our kids into what was happening the week before so they could be ready to take pictures. She was absolutely floored when the limo drove up to our house to pick us up. The restaurant is at the top of one of the area's ritzier hotels. The maitre'd seated us at a choice location at a window seat so we could have a view of the sun setting over the city. And the meal was wondeful. (No happy meals or kid's menus!) The thing that my wife loved most about the night was that I took the time and effort to plan something special for us.