I have to let others know what seemed to make my special someone so happy. It was a valentines present, but it didn't need to be. You see I like to take pictures.. but I didn't have to. What I did was inexpensive and so thoughtful I brought tears to a guy that I thought his heart could not be melted. I made a book of our memories. It was a small project book I got at the hobby store along with construction paper and a crinkle sizzors. I wrote a paragraph or two about each event we attended over the past six months. I included what we did, but most of all what I learned or appreciated about him at the event. I printed out the paragraph on colored construction paper and glued it to a page in the book. I added various photos we took of each other and I ended it with a paper heart glued with the words.. I love you .. did I leave any room for doubt? I'm telling you I never saw a guy hold on to a book for so long. After six more months it sits on his dresser and he re-reads it. I just wanted to pass it on.