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BAN is a Free support group for people who are dealing with the devastating emotional impact of a spouse's affair. It is for women and men, whether still married or divorced, seeking support in recovering from this experience.

BAN is not for those who have ever had an affair themselves.
(For details as to whether or not BAN is appropriate for you, please see BAN Members.)
BAN is not a replacement for counseling or other professional help. The purpose of BAN is to provide an opportunity for people who are dealing with a partner's affair to come together for strength, insight, and mutual support. It is best suited for individuals who are seeking to gain more information, understanding and perspective about the issue of affairs in order to make more informed personal decisions.

BAN is an all-volunteer, free, grass-roots organization. Since there are no guarantees as to the uniform motivation and commitment of those who participate, the integrity of each group is the joint responsibility of all the members.

BAN Support Groups exist only in cities where someone has volunteered to serve as the local coordinator. Information about the role of the coordinator (with a link to the Sign-up Form for volunteering), can be found under "Coordinators" below.

Cities with BAN Chapters (or which are currently organizing chapters), along with the e-mail address of the coordinator for each city, are listed under "List of Cities" below.

Please read all the following information about BAN - in order to get an overview of the facts related to establishing Local BAN Chapters.

Backstory (BAN's beginnings, including my personal story)
The Need for BAN (excerpted from "The Monogamy Myth")
BAN Guidelines (includes Guidelines for Participation and Interaction)
Coordinators (including role, Website support, and sign-up form)
List of Cities (including e-mail address of local coordinators)

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