Below, I've included an email from my ex-husband. He talks about projection and I don't understand the point. Can someone interpret it for me?<p>Since he hasn't said anything about reconciling, I don't see the point in calling him to ask for clarification. However, I am curious as to what he's talking about.<p>Here it is:<p>*******<br>Hi, I know you probably threw my contact info away for a reason, and you never asked for it, but just in case you were interested in maintaining it, I would feel better thinking that you have a way to reach me. <p>I would like to think that you would keep my info around because I want to feel that if you ever needed help, you could call on me. But I've also come to grips with the fact that much of my trying so hard to "do the right thing" or "be there for you" has been just so much projection of my own desperate need to feel that I had someone who would be there for me. And I suppose that my need, which I projected onto you and which has been so hard for me to admit, was what made me abandon my promises to you. So maybe there is an element of projection, and an element of looking for an opportunity to do something to wash away a little of how guilty I feel for choosing selfishly, so I would understand your severing the lines between us. Just know I'm feverishly wishing the best for you and hoping that you didn't believe a darn thing I ever said in criticism of you. You are strong, beautiful, and blameless and I hope you forgive me for ever making you doubt it.<br>