My husband (today) is a jerk. A complete jerk and as*****. Sometimes he makes it so easy for me to just think I could kick him out the back door and "hope" he wouldn't come back. Why do people have to be so difficult to live with? Why cant people just be normal and live happy lives? I think this guy is depressed and when he gets into depressed moods takes his moodiness out on me. I am an upbeat, happy go lucky mom. It only takes one phone call from him with his mood swings to bring me down. He calls me with his daily grumbles and gripes about his job, his day, everything. Let me have a gripe and it would go in one ear and out the other. He is a big baby wanting attention all the time. To be honest, he is just another kid in my house that requires work, work, work. When you work, clean, cook, play chauffeur for your kids, do homework, housework, etc - and then he comes home to plop on the couch - want dinner served (while he watches TV) - dominates the house with his moody ways, runs the kids up to their rooms (or they go themselves to avoid listening to him) - it drives you NUTS. I went to counseling by myself to see if I was crazy - but ... (ha ha) they said I wasn't. That he must have this hidden stuff in his mind (past, etc - the same thing all counselors tell you about ghosts in the closet) - that I cannot get out myself. Of course, Mr. Macho man is too big and strong to consider counseling. How could "the best" have problems??? So what do we do? We suffer with his moodiness. We walk on eggshells. We laugh, play, and enjoy life when he's not around! (sad). Of course, I'm committed to marriage so I try. And try. and try. But sometimes like now I have to just stop and smell the roses. I just hung the phone up from him ending the conversation this way .. "well, I can tell your being a smarta** so I'll let you go." He just laughs and says "ok". <br>Now tonite, he'll be Mr. sweetie goodie becuase he knows I'm ticked off. Me, the angel, always forgives (maybe not inside?) so as soon as he senses that - its back to square one. I know I did something in my past to have someone like him in my life. Its apayback for something. But he's driving me nuts. To try to be nice to a jerk is hard and we always do that. Sometimes I just find myself up against a wall with him (won't go to counseling, attitude, mood swings) and think how nice it would be if he didn't come home??!! Isn't that awful!! (of course I forget that feeling the next day). They say one person CAN save a marriage (so here I sit, trying to save) - but how long does this sitting take?????? <br>