Today I have come upon a situation between my stepson 12, and my son 9 , for those of you who know my story, I am again in a dilemma concerning this arrangement. The background being, that when this boy came to live here, he moved into a large bedroom with my son. I have issues with the music that he brings into the house, and his influence on my boy, in actions.<BR>For six years prior, my stepson and his siblings only stayed for the summer, but has lived here for the last year, and is choosing to stay for another. Over the past year, I have watched as my 9 yr old son has changed in personality, and is very resentful that he has to share with this boy. We have talked to them, seperate and together, about getting along. The older one is a bully to my boy, when he gets annoyed by my sons behavior..My son lashes out at him, with name calling, and inapropriate behavior, back. They have learned how to get along for the most part, but they are two very different kids...and my son is a follower.<BR> is the latest... and I really could use some experienced input, cause I really dont know what is the right thing to do:<BR>Last week there was a skating party at the local roller rink. Both boys wanted to go, and I said OK. My stepson told me alot of his 6th grade friends would be there, but also invited my son (4th grade)....(with the motive of having me say can go) So I told my stepson that If I heard that he, and the older kids were picking on, or ignoring the younger one..I would not allow him to go again. Well, that seemed to work out, and I was happy to see the boys get along alright. (Of course I'll never REALLY know how it went) but it seemed OK.<BR>So now this Friday there is another gathering at the roller rink. MY son came to me and asked to go again. I got the impression<BR>that the boys were planning to do the same thing..and I discussed it with my husband, and he said <BR>there would be no problem. <BR>Then today my stepson asks about it..I said yes, you can go, and I'll drive, and Dad will pick you up...and he says, no,he wanted to go with his friend around the corner, and ride with him. I said, then you can invite your brother to go too, and he says, his friend, (this wonderful friend who loans out the music I do not allow) hates my boy, and that he would rather just go with his friend and not invite my boy along! He said it right there in front of him! Well...I can tell you my blood started to boil. I asked him how it would feel, if it were the other way around, and my boy did that to him, and he just shrugged.<BR>I'm telling you this kid kets under my skin! <BR>Every day there is a situation like this...and I am so sick of it!<P><P>------------------<BR><BR>