My husband and I have been married for six years this October and have a wonderful relationship. We share experiences together all the time including chores around the house, just talking, playing games, dining, dancing, and many other activities, but we have a problem in regards to our friends. His friends and I don't get along and he doesn't get along with most of my friends. Many times we have both come over and the girls will hibernate to the family room, while the guys go to the living room. We can never get a complete interaction between the two because of differences. Additionally, when we get in fights--the girls are excellent in helping me resolve issues, but the guys tell my husband just to leave me! Thank God my husband doesn't listen to them, but last week I found out that my husbands so called friend tried to get my husband to leave me and be single like him so they could go to parties and drink beer all the time. He said this without knowing that I was only a few feet away from them and could hear the entire thing. This guy has pretended to be my friend and behind my back has told my husband bad things about me. My husband laughed it off, but I was in a rage. Now I don't want any of his friends around us. I know that I am trying to take control which I shouldn't, but what else do I do. My husband assures me that he tells them that he is mine forever and such, but I still feel upset about his friends viewing me this way.<P>What should I do now? Is the problem me?