Hi everyone,
Let me start by saying I am still scheduled to move out next week. It's been a trying couple of weeks. Last night was the first normal night in a long time. She even tucked the kids in for sleep Maybe she's coming around. Her parents are coming down tommorow or thursday and are going to attempt to get her in inpatient care. All arrangements have been made. I don't know if it will work or not but I am still sure she needs it. The problem I'm having is like most who have posted. It's following through, whether I should give her a little more time (which means I lose the apt.), or go ahead on a temporary basis. I guess it all depends on the outcome tommorow. I'm just afraid that if I give in then the whole rollercoaster will begin again as soon as the dust settles. I have kept an event log which is up to about 86 events of finding or ruining thing in the past year and these are only the ones I logged. This all started well before I even started the log. Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all