Well, the attorney told me what would likely be her reaction when she got his letter. Not too far off. But then, he should know by now.<P>I did hurt for her, knowing she would get the same breathless feeling I did. When I read a copy of what she received, I almost felt it again, but for her this time.<P>I want to let her think of this for a week and, hopefully, she will seek legal advice. She is making some very surprising suggestions, which was why I tried to push her to ask. She didn't seem as in control, which is usually why she only will talk to me on the phone. She does not look in control. <P>Anyway, maybe I WILL be free for that AZ trip.<BR>( Do they sell Speedos down there?? ) [Linked Image from marriagebuilders.com]<P>rrunrr<P><BR><P>------------------<BR>Almost anything can be undone or forgiven.<P>Never take trust for granted.