The edge of the forest. Not quite light, not quite dark, somewhere in between. That's where I dwell. Not sure if I want to come out or run back in and hide, or that's how it seems. But this is a good place, a quiet place, a comfortable place. A place from where all can be seen. The beauty of the sun, lakes and fields. The inner darkness of the forest filled with uncertainty and fears untold. I must venture into both worlds, and I do. For in life there must be a balance for all things to exist in peace. I have been in the forest far to long. It is time to come into the light and feel the warmth of the sun. To hear and see Gods creatures. To witness the rebirth of life in all its glory. What shall I see ? What shall I hear ? What will stay dead forever ? What shall come back to life and evolve into something new and beautiful? There is only one way to know the answers to these questions. Be there. Walk the walk, take the risk, fight the fears that keep me hiding in the shadows and come into the light. For in the light all things shall become clear. The darkness and the fog shall fade away and the path shall be revealed. I am now on this path. It still passes through the shadows. But at the far end the bright light in the clearing grows slowly ever so brighter. How I long to be in the light. To feel its warmth and to witness its miracles.

I honestly don't know where this all came from. I have been writing a great deal lately and every now and then something like this flows from my pen. My counselor couldn't stop smiling the whole session I gave it to him to read. I do feel better but those damned shadows keep crossing my path ;-)

I hope you all enjoyed my little story and I hope you find some meaning in it for you.

God Bless,

David A