Hi everyone...I received this today in a devotional and thought I'd send it out to all of you. <P>TODAY I GOT A BURDEN,<P>Today I got a burden, <BR>And I felt that I should pray, <BR>For God's spirit seemed to tell me, <BR>That you were having a bad day. <P>I don't know just what that problem is, <BR>But I sure do know the cure, <BR>And if you'll only let Him, <BR>God will keep you safe and secure. <P>In life there's always problems, <BR>Cropping up to spoil our day, <BR>But my friend, you know the answer, <BR>All you have to do, is "PRAY." <P>If you still feel you're defeated, <BR>And you want to run and hide, <BR>Just reach out, and I'll be there, <BR>Standing right there by your side. <P>So remember-- WHISPER JESUS, <BR>For He's just a prayer away, <BR>He's so close that you can touch Him, <BR>All you have to do, is "pray".<P>~Unknown~ <BR><P>------------------<BR>God bless you and all of us.<P>Samantha<BR>