I hope you don't mind...I'm curious.

These different situations always facinate me. I sometimes wonder if how things have turned out for me is more the norm, or if how things turned out for you is more the norm.

You've said on more than one occasion how saddened you were by the fact your W wouldn't have anymore children with you. Yet, you also say you only stayed for the sake of your children. I'm having trouble reconciling those two statements.

I'm just wondering, did you still love your W after D-day? You say you knew she didn't love you and stayed for the free ride. Was it a matter of you didn't feel love for her, but you were willing to see if the love could come back, if she was willing to do the same?

As hurt as you surely were that she was staying only for the free ride, do you think she was hurt that you were only staying for the kids, and possibly thought there was no hope? I'm not taking up for her, and I'm not trying to harass you, but I am trying to wrap my brain around this...

Sad ending for your former W, by her own choice(s). Her loss. Does she even have contact with any of the children?

Happy ending for you, I'm glad. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />

Do all of your children including your OC know the truth? Are they all doing well?

~ad, who's always a wonderin' about something or another.