I am copying myself from the feminine hygiene products list, because I think this topic is so important, especially for all the BS's out there who don't feel like what they're doing is having any effect on their WS.

OT, if there is such a thing here, I was remembering earlier something my FWH told me a week or two ago. He said that one of the things he loves about me is that even if someone is unkind (to my face), that I don't at all say anything back in retaliation.

He said he thought it made people feel even worse that way, than if I got angry back so they could feel justified.

He sounded as if he was talking from experience. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> So chin up, any of you with a WS, it is worthwhile to be consistently calm to them even if they don't deserve it. It will be one of the few things they notice, and they will feel BAAAAAAD.

His A began last December and went on through the end of June. We have been in recovery for 5 months, and that was the first I knew he had even noticed, never mind been affected, by my refusal to respond in kind to his spewings of venom.

It made me so glad to know the effort had not been wasted.

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