Oh, please. I'm not saying it was moral, but I hadn't taken vows in front of our whole family at that point. It's a whole different level. But, I do believe in Karma, and I certainly was not a saint before we got married, so maybe that's why I'm willing to stick with her through this.

Anyway, interesting turn of events happened this weekend. I confronted the first guy she had the A with 2 years ago, and I also confronted his girlfriend, who's the same girl he was dating at the time it happened. And, can anyone guess what he did???? Oh, of course, he denied the whole thing ever happened. He told his girlfriend that my wife is totally crazy and that she manifested her fantasies into her memory, or that she was so resentful of him that she made the stories up to break him and his girlfriend up. Anyway, as long as his girlfriend knows now that he's a filthy liar, I'm happy. If she choses to believe him instead of my wife, that's her problem. My wife has absolutely NO incentive to make up a story like that.

And, cheaters are liars, right?

So, things are improving. Making major breakthroughs in stuff about my wife's history that has made it possible for her to be unfaithful to me. She has been seriously jaded by men in the past, and it has lead to some very deep seeded feelings of non-acceptance, low self-confidence, compartmentalism, etc. I'm glad everything is finally coming out, because we're addressing the source and hopefully figuring out how to prevent anything from happening again in the future. Still looking for a councelor for myself, but there don't seem to be very many in the area who specialize in this stuff. I'll keep looking.

BS (Me): 32
WW: 32
D-Day: 12/28/09 (fresh in my mind)