Taking a somewhat opposite tack here, I will say from the research I've done and the counseling I've had, people who are afflicted with Cluster B personality disorders (Narcissistic, Borderline, Histrionic and Antisocial/Sociopath) are very difficult to treat.

In the words of Colleen E. Warner, Psy.D., even therapists are loathe to treat them due to the high emotional cost to the therapist:

"I was advised by the malpractive folks to refer all borderlines to my worst enemies."

~~ Borderline Personality Disorder, Struggling, Understanding, Succeeding, page 2
I think it may be very important to understand if one is dealing with a disordered person, because dealing with them is bout as successful as dealing with an active alcoholic or addict, as ML states.

Cluster B personality disorders are learned behaviors, caused by traumatic and dysfunctional experiences during childhood. They are not based on genetics or chemical imbalances.

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