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IC has been supporting him to get through these issues, talk about childhood issues that he never dealt with also. The IC believes that he has a sort of arrested development back to when the abuse started when he was 8-10 years old. She is trying to help him grow up, basically. She has had action plans for issues in his life that center around getting along with people, completing projects (the last 2 chapters of his doctorate, which have been unfinished for 4 years).

D&S, please consider counseling with someone who is qualified to save marriages. Dr Harley states this kind of counseling is a needless distraction. [delving into childhood] His daughter, Dr Jennifer Chalmers, is one of the MB coaches and she is also a psychologist. If your H has any issues like that, she can address them in a way that benefits your marriage. Just because someone told you he needs to examine his childhood does not mean you need to blindly accept that.

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