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I want to go to a MB weekend but the next one is impossible - I need to have surgery, it has been rescheduled once, and my MIL is flying across the country to help take care of me and already has her tickets. We need to get it over with because we are paying for COBRA insurance, my WH lost his job over the A but is applying for more and might have one soon meaning he can't take sick days immediately to take care of me. It's the same week.

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Good plan! Can you put that money towards some Marriage Building coaching? I agree there is no reason to wait.


Are you suggesting the money which would have gone to COBRA premiums be used for Marriagebuilders? OR Are you suggesting that her H, who is currently being treated for depression and is ONE MEDS stop using IC and use the money spent on that towards Marriagebuilders?

I am not saying this IC is any good but her H is on MEDS for Depression. He needs to be under a doctor's care either way. Plus medical insurers (COBRA included) will not pay for Marriagebuilders coaching. Maybe you're sating something else. I HOPE you're saying something else.

Just what are you suggesting? Please clarify.