That's true.

When I first posted here, many moons ago, my primary goal was to save/improve my M. I was one meesed up puppy - wayward, bipolar, was not pretty.

But almost 16 years ago now I made a vow before God, family, and friends, and since then I have given birth to two beautiful children who need their mother and father. So what I needed then, and what I need now, is the tools to start TODAY being the wife God called me to be for the marriage I committed to God to be part of and the children I committed to God to raise.

I am a member of Nami, and a bipolar support group, and a Christian forum. They all serve wonderful purposes in the world. But when I am here, it is because TODAY I want my M to be what it should be. TOMORROW, six weeks from now, when I am 50, is not soon enough for me. I am a school teacher, not a doctor, not a counselor, not a therapist, not a sign waver or flag holder or anything else. I am also a FWW who recovered from infidelity and is striving to put into practice marriage principles. I also know how to read. And I think God intended marriage to be loving and wonderful and passionate.

Does that get me a membership to the AMA? Nope. Does it mean I am capable of encouraging other people? Yup.

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