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Chris, you are correct, I am NOT a psychologist, I sell soft drinks. Which is why I continually REFER back to Dr Harleys quotes. I don't substitute my own personal opinion for Dr Harleys as you are here.

I didn't substitute my opinion for Dr. Harley's at all. I stated which parts were my opinion very clearly using phrases such as "I think"..."I believe"... and "IMO" and I also referred to what I read from Dr. Harley - separately and distinctly.

And I have pointed out to you over and over, and you continue to ignore it, that NOWHERE does Dr Harley advocate months of IC to delve into one's childhood. NOWHERE.

That is untrue...I have not ignored this. I referred to it in my last post and before that I NEVER said that spending months in therapy talking about one's childhood is useful or appropriate. I even asked you to point out where I said that and you couldn't. That's because I never said it.

You do this woman a grave disservice by going against what Dr Harley has CLEARLY said is a waste of time. This woman's marriage is going into the toilet because her H is convinced that he has to go to months and years of "counseling" delving into his childhood before he can ever work on his marriage. That is an irrepsonsible path that will destroy this woman's marriage.

I stated to her more than twice that she should be seeing results and if she isn't, a change may be in order. You suggested something which I, along with several people in the discussion, found to be scary and irresponsible.

To be clear, what I have been saying in this discussion is: I am not suggesting that DAS's H spend months in therapy digging up his childhood. I never suggested it and I don't think it's a good idea. I do think he needs assistance since DAS shared he has Depression and is on meds. I am 100% a supporter of Marriagebulders becasue I believe it works. I have experienced real changes in my marriage because of Marriagebuilders and my H and I have purchased the program for ourselves; however, I think it was awful to suggest a redirection of funds away from someone's mental health & into Marriagebuilders if it's an either-or choice. I hope that makes things a bit clearer for everyone.