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With regard to DAS's H, I stand by my original opinion. believe that if he has a diagnosis of "Depression" and he is taking psychotropic medication, he should be under a physician's care.

I think you are misunderstanding MelodyLane's suggestion. She is not saying that he should not be under a physician's care. In fact, she specifically said "There is a huge difference between an evaluation for anti-d's from an MD and getting individual counseling for "childhood trauma," and THAT is what we are talking about here. [see title "childhood trauma, IC and MB"] People get anti-depressants every day after a simple evaluation. They don't go through months of counseling. " So her expectation is anti-depressants prescribed by a physician -- which would mean she completely expects him to be under a physician's care!

She is not saying to stop taking anti-depressants or to continue taking them without a physician's care. She is saying to stop spending money on individual counseling and suggesting that money be spent on Marriage Builders instead.

There is no suggestion here of a depressed person not being treated by a physician. I think what you are really reacting to is the difference of opinion over individual counseling. But don't allow that to get confused with the issue of treatment by a physician.

This is exactly right, Markos; she has confused the issue at hand. The issue, as I have pointed out ENDLESS TIMES is right in the title of this thread, and really can't be missed: "childhood trauma, IC and MB"

Maybe now we can get back to the real issue.

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