No, I'm thinking of exposing on Mon 28 May -- my "E-Day". I planned daughter's party for Sat rather than Tue because many of our friends live out of town. (Plus ironically, WS used to complain when people came round for our kids' birthdays during the week: "I've been working all day! Why must I entertain/cook/etc in the evening as well?!?!" Now she's complaining about the reverse. Not that it matters.)

Seriously, though, I'm looking for "best-practice" here: do you "reveal your source" by showing the evidence, or not? And is my evidence scant, or substantive?

Me: BS (b. 1965)
Wife: WS (b. 1971)
Affair exposed: May 2012. Affair proven: Apr 2012. Affair first suspected: Jan 2011. (Affair started: Late 2010.) ILYBINILWY (said by WW to BH): ~Sep 2009
DD: b. 2005. Married: May 2005. Met: Jul 2002. DSS: b. 1999.