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Thanks, but I'm not sure I understand, MelodyLane: "explain" to whom - to WS, or to Exposure audience?

To your exposure audience.

Remember, I have evidence of a relationship, not of co-habitation. WS doesn't know I now have that evidence (screenshots of Facebook and email arguments between WS and OM): she is in blissful ignorance of the fact that I am NOT in blissful ignorance of her doings.

She doesn't announce she's off to shag or shack with some other guy -- she just leaves, and when I ask, she'll name one of three girl friends with whom she'll be "partying, then crashing".

Where is your wife staying?

Delay is immediately for daughter's party, and secondarily for possible approach to step-son's biological father, who'd verbally said he'd like son to live with him in Australia. My focus/agenda is securing exclusive custody of my daughter.

I would not delay this any longer. It is not necessary. Confront her today and then expose the affair after the party. You can focus on securing custody of your daughter after you have exposed.

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