More importantly, confronted WS this morning. As expected, she denied and bluffed and even demanded proof. I simply re-stated "I know you are having an affair with OM, and I want it to stop, and that's that."

That was on the 10min drive to the station. Since I dropped her off, she's called four or five times, and sent four or five denying and progressively rude messages. I've ignored them all.

I'm itching to go straight to Exposure as soon as I finish building Facebook page, but I'll probably take MB coaching and wait until Sun, after 7yo daughter's party on Sat.

Me: BS (b. 1965)
Wife: WS (b. 1971)
Affair exposed: May 2012. Affair proven: Apr 2012. Affair first suspected: Jan 2011. (Affair started: Late 2010.) ILYBINILWY (said by WW to BH): ~Sep 2009
DD: b. 2005. Married: May 2005. Met: Jul 2002. DSS: b. 1999.