Coaches, please comment on this modified Exposure e-mail to WS contacts:

Dear friends and family,

I am writing you this message because you are an important person in the life of WS. You may know that WS has been spending progressively more time away from home � starting from the odd Friday or Saturday night, but now averaging four or five nights a week. I am profoundly saddened to have discovered that the reason is because she has been carrying on an affair with a man named OM OM who resides in OMville. He has a two-year-old child born around the time that he met OM, and he has older children as well. The purpose of OM�s many absences from me and the children at home is so that she can carry on her affair without our interference.

WS refuses to end the affair. In fact, she denies the affair, even though I have seen proof of key-drops at hotel receptions, invitations to travel together up-country when she was ostensibly going away on business for her employer, and indeed semi-nude pictures of them together. I want our marriage to recover from this affair. If you have any influence on my wife, please do what you can to get her to stop this dangerous affair. I want to stay married, but the affair must end.

As our friends and family, I am asking that you use your influence with WS to persuade her to end her affair and try to work on our marriage. Our marriage can be salvaged if she would only end the affair. Please support her in doing the right thing. Please support our marriage and our family.

I would so appreciate your support and prayers.

Warmest regards,


Me: BS (b. 1965)
Wife: WS (b. 1971)
Affair exposed: May 2012. Affair proven: Apr 2012. Affair first suspected: Jan 2011. (Affair started: Late 2010.) ILYBINILWY (said by WW to BH): ~Sep 2009
DD: b. 2005. Married: May 2005. Met: Jul 2002. DSS: b. 1999.