Ah, shucks, Melody blush

I kinda thought I was breaking the rules a little actually, but it was far better for me - Look at it or don't. I didn't want the burden of sending out proof, and too many people were questioning and doubting with the unbelievable facade this little skank has kept up for so long. I would guess most people would not have sent me a request for proof and may have believed her garbage. But I think most people would click on a link that no one's gonna know about, just to see. And then it's right there in their face, they chose to look at it - I didn't force it on them. What are they gonna say?

Then they go to OW's page and read her, "There are no words . . . thank you, friends, for not believing such vicious lies." think

I also blocked my friend list and photos and everything on fb, but I left it so people could send me private messages if they wanted to - all while looking at the sweet profile picture of my family. Didn't want to totally hide, but stand behind what I said. The one unbelievably nasty message I got, I blocked that person ASAP, after sending her a quick pleasant reply. "Thanks for your opinion. Hope she doesn't come after your husband! Have a great day." (Thanks, BrainHurts for that ingenious response! I would have been at a loss without you!)

Oh, and you know what? I think it was actually a blessing that it took me 3 nights to expose to everyone. In fact, if you can survive on no sleep for days at a time, I might suggest it, breaking it up into 2 or 3 nights. She blocked her friend list after the first night. (Lucky for me, I followed the "save it to a word doc" advice). She had me blocked before then, so I'm sure it played with her tiny mind to wonder how I got access to her list in the first place???

I sent out a whole slew of new messages the second night. Freaked her out a little more, I think. And then the third night . . . and I finished up this morning. So it came in waves - more people seeing the garbage, bigger and bigger tidal wave coming. Feeling of dread building up in her . . . "who knows what this psycho BW will do next?" 'Bout time she had to feel some of that horrible feeling. She sure knows how to dish it out.

Wish you all luck!

Married: 22 years
Me: BW 41
Him: WH 43
Sons: 19, 17, 12
Daughter: 16
DD 8/09
EA started 8/08
PA started 7/09
Brief recovery of a few months in there.
Separated 10/10
Legal Separation 8/11
Plan B 5/17/12
Plan D 5/31/12

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