Upon data reception through our senses the amygdala chooses to send data to the limbic system (fight or flight system) or the higher thinking center of the cortex. During anger, the amygdala sends this stimulus to the limbic system which is why 'good' people say in courtrooms, "I don't know, something in me just snapped."

The endocrines, hormones and chemicals that are released in the brain may last 20+ minutes after being hijacked by the amygdala. Since the limbic system is in charge during this time the higher critical thinking skills are shut off or short circuited by all the adrenaline. Trying to resolve an argument by talking it out will be pointless until the chemicals in the brain have time to subside.

Its obvious that all emotions are real chemical-physical changes in the brain but it really helps me understand my wife's biggest love buster. And hopefully have patience.

Much credit to http://lakesideconnect.com

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