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Here is a refined look at anger. I cannot control her or her response of anger to her worldly input. Its just how she is wired. In many senses she cannot control the bio-chemical responses either. Her anger is her emotional reaction to her world.

Sure she can control it. She can retrain the neural pathways in her brain to not even FEEL anger. You really need to listen to Dr Harley as he speaks of this SO OFTEN.

Angry Outbursts though, that's another story. She can learn to control those and hopefully will because while anger is natural in all of us, Angry Outbursts are huge problems in a marriage, mine for certain, if they continually result from everyday trials.

Angry outbursts result from the FEELING OF ANGER. When one FEELS anger, they become temporarily insane and have little control over their angry outbursts. So, the solution is to learn how to NOT FEEL ANGRY at all.

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