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[quote=Neak]AJ is doing a Christian counselor program, for general counseling not just marriage. It's a certification not a degree, but boy do they make you work for it!

And look at you, figuring out bright new ways to stay dark. smile Keep it up!

Interesting field Neak.

Does the MC portion adhere to the MB methods?

So as not to T/J this post, if you or AJ could start a topic about it, i feel it would be interesting and stimulating.


The marriage portion is not nearly as complete as the MB program. For the most part it doesn't contradict it, either, but nobody else has the triple threat like Dr. H does. However, it's flexible enough that he can do his own outside research. Once he's done, it's up to him which programs he uses.

He's been doing this for a while, in his spare time since of course he has to work, too. We've all learned a lot, even the kids, since some of them have gotten to read to him out of his textbooks when he was driving. By the time he's done, I think the whole family should get certified. grin

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