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what affair? He's been out of it for 2.5 years.
I guess that you have the right to think that your H is out of the A.

His enjoying the opportunity to take a hit of that crack pipe (see the OW from across the way) every so often will NEVER allow your marriage to heal. If he is getting any thrill from it (which of course he is), then the A is still ON (even if not physical).

While he still sees her, his choices are going to be selfish, so of course he would not wish to move away. As opposed to being out of the fog and back in love�where his choices will be those of extraordinary care.

Even if he knows about your struggle for two years�.he is NOT going to do anything to change it while you are enabling him to continue to SEE this person! It is called cake eating, and every WS does it.

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THANK YOU God and Marriage Builders.
We never knew that it could be this good! smile