HI MB peeps - I hope you all had a good weekend.

So I am going to give myself a huge pat on the back for 2 weeks in Plan B, with no contact of BF. I survived pretty well a major milestone of BF moving into his new house and the kids staying over on Sat night. I am also feeling pretty sane and have not fallen apart. I feel like I have gained some self esteem back instead of clinging on to a humiliating situation.

I am quite amazed at how strong I have been and I guess what is getting me through is the support of this site and how poorly he treated me when we were together. I have focused on that when I have a weak moment. Although

So the only thing I am doing which is not good is;

1. Checking his instagram to see what he has been upto
2. Snooping with the kids to find out about house and gain any insight into what he is thinking.

From the last post BrainHurts said I need to come off the Whatsapp group which I have now done.

I found out from the kids that when they stayed overnight that he asked about what Mummy was doing tonight and where was she going and who with. Does that show that there is still something there? Is there any hope?

I also found out that he has told the lead football coach that we had separated and was also honest about why!!! That he had made a very silly mistake with another woman and that we were separated.

I think he might be accepting this whole thing is over and has really moved on. I need to do the same. In someway I think this site is giving me false hope. I am not quite prepared to face that. I guess I am looking for signs that he is still wants to sort things out, by his ways of finding constant contact and asking the kids what I am doing.

I need to send over a long term visit schedule this week. That is the next thing.

I still cant bring myself to write a PLan B letter - to me that is more humiliation.

I have emailed Joyce Harley to see if I can get another session on the radio. As last advice was to separate with the intention of dating and falling back in love. The problem is, BF is insisting there is no other woman and he is telling the kids that he will never do that again, so doubtful as how to move through this next stage.

I hope you find me all of you!!!

Thank you