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Does it feel bad to say that I am starting to get a bit bored and want to now start going out more having a life. IS that right or ok?

Fantastic, each day you will feel a little better. Did Dr Harley suggest you keep the door open to a possible recovery and marriage or has he changed his advice on that?

For now, get a dog, pick up a sport, find a hobby, volunteer, do fun things with your children. They are heavily dependent on you and are watching you carefully. Stay away from dating!

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Yes Dr Harley suggested keep the door open but doesn't sound very optimistic in regards to recovery!!!

Dr Harleys advice;

The problem you face is that he never had legally committed himself to you. Living together without being married is a very precarious situation for women because they have no legal agreement for support for their future. Men who live with women without being married are characteristically unfaithful, and much more violent than men who are married (90% of all cases of domestic violence are with unmarried men who live with their partners). He does what he pleases because there is very little recourse for you when you object. While this relationship may end, you should not return to him under the conditions that you left because things would only get worse for you in the future. You should definitely see an attorney about child support and custody arrangements.

He may react to your letter with anger, but you should not second guess yourself. You have done the most reasonable thing to do for anyone in your situation. He may want to see you to discuss the situation face-to-face, to try to talk you out of your plan, but you should decline until your conditions are met. Surround yourself with people who support you in what you are doing.