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Thanks for sharing the letter. Have you sent it to him yet?

What do you think about Dr. Harley’s advice? The letter?

Thank you BrainHurts

Yes I agree with Dr Harleys advice and will stick to the plan.

I haven't sent the letter and I don't want to give it to him until he attempts to try and talk about anything. At the moment its been 2.5 weeks and he hasn't made any attempts. I dont want the humiliation of sending him anything yet.

My son came home from football last night saying - Daddy keeps talking about how much he loves you and how much he loves his family frown

Coolbeginnings, you really should send the letter. What could possibly be humiliating since you are not in contact with him? It is up to you to make sure he can't get through by closing those holes.

I have also recommended many times that you get legal protection. Not doing so leaves you in a very vulnerable position. Just send the letter!

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