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Disaster strikes.

Came home from work in a good mood looking forward to spending time with the kids tonight and them for day off school tomorrow.

Get message from my IM from BF requesting regular phone calls with the kids every other day. Also saying that he is not seeing DD until Sunday and that could he take them home from skool tomorrow'. It was a really long message.

My IM is proving rubbish. She clearly doesnt want to do it and thinks I should be dealing with him. She sends me a cut and paste of whatever he sends. Also whatever comes through to my sister IM, goes round the family - further embarassment/gossip fodder.

Now considering dealing direct with BF in regards to child arrangements.

My mother also phoned tonight annoyed with me that she wasn't informed the kids were off skool tomorrow and that I am not keeping her in the loop? I spoke to her 2 days ago and feel that she was out of order putting extra pressure on me right now, its like my family are making this into a massive drama and i am actually doing ok in my little bubble.

The broke down in tears hating BF for putting me through this. One thing that has always been important to me is loyalty and security as I never really have had that in my life and he broke that too. Feel like I never want someone like that back in my life.

Night peeps frown

Is there another person who can be your IM? A person who RESPECTS YOUR WISHES and would protect you from this nonsense? The job is really very simple. All the IM has to do is screen out insignificant communication and pass on pertinent messages in her own words. I think you need to cut your family out of this because clearly, THEY DON'T GET IT!

Do you have a friend, male or female, who has some balls?

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