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Yes but I quite enjoy hearing them if I am completely honest. I was feeling quite strong aswell. Do you think he is trying to break the PLan B? In your experience is this a good sign?

It is a very bad sign when you are not taking this as seriously as you should. It is critically important that you put aside your emotions and follow the advice.

The advice is:

1. find a suitable IM ASAP [you can give her my email address and i will help her/him]

2. send the Plan B letter

3. shut down ALL avenues of contact

4. get legal protection

OK I am back in the room! I think I am suffering with PMT which is making 'my senses' go a little off track!

I think BF attempts at contact different ways have worked and got to me....

Ok here is the action plan

1. My BFF has agreed to act as IM so yes that would be great Melody if she can converse with you, I will also send the list / guidance for IMs

2. Plan B letter written will give to him on Sunday at handover

3. Shut down all avenues of contact

4. Arrange to see lawyer next week.

ADDED ONE 5 - long term kids visit schedule minimising contact.

Back in control.

Good girl! How will you give him the letter so there is no direct contact?

Does your IM understand that the job is only to be a spam filter? Some IM's get confused about their roles and try to play mediator like your sister did. **EDIT**. Please let me know when you have read this so I can remove it.

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