Hi Melody

I will give DS the letter on Sunday when I drop him off at football, DS can give to BF.

Thank you for sending me your email - got it! So kind of you to offer to help, I need to dig out the IM post. Will send to my 'new improved IM"!!!

Finding it hard to come off football group whatsapp messages. BF is posting at least 2 x daily. Will do it tonight. Another football mum has agreed to send me fixtures information, so no need for me to be on it.

Child visit schedule.

Every Tuesday night - pick up from school drop off at home
Every other weekend - pick up from school on Friday night, drop off at Mothers midday Sunday (No contact)

Still some issues

1. training Weds - think I will need to take him now, previous BF use to pick up and drop but this way I can drop son at training and sit in the cafe and wait (no contact)
2. football on the weekends that I have the children. This is the biggest one not going to watch my son play football. Football is a nightmare as every weekend he will be involved.

This is the next biggest hurdle for me when the kids go off on a Friday and i don't see them until Sunday. My worst nightmare come true. At most I have gone away for one weekend per year.

Thanks all, CoolB