Hi Peeps

I have deleted the whatsapp.

Also agreed with football Mum to drop son at hers to take to training and then BF will have to drop DS at home. It will be one contact per week he comes to the house this way.

The kids facetimed him last night from home, one of his requests via the IM. I went to the other room but had to come in and heard him saying i am going back to the temporary house tonight, I am staying in on my own cooking dinner. The DD told him we were off to the pub which is our local, and was one of BF favourite things to do on a Friday with the family. Hope that annoyed him!

DS had football this morning so arranged to meet friend nearby so she could take him. BF asked my friend where she had met me before and where she was meeting me after. Hmm.

Apart from that have been enjoying the rest of the weekend, it has been gorgeous sunshine today here in the UK so the kids and I met up with friends and hung out in the fresh air which does wonders for the soul.

I have so many friends and family around me that care and are here for me, that are continually checking in to see how I am. I am a very lucky girl!!

So blocked loads of holes, now to send the letter!

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