My darling DS. They had a great day with Daddy today, then when I was putting DS to bed he started to get upset Mummy i dont want to say what Daddy said because it might upset you. Daddy said the he doesn't want to come home. I hugged him and said I am ok DS dont worry its going to be ok. He said I keep asking Daddy questions and he keeps walking out of the room and changes the subject. DS also said that Daddy told him he felt really sad yesterday. I am really struggling with DS his heart is breaking. I can so understand why I stayed as long as I did to avoid this situation. If it wasn't for the affair I would have carried on. DS also said that Daddy said we argued all the time and that is not a good environment for the children to grow up in.

It is obvious that BF has no intentions of coming back. That I am completely wasting my time and should just move on frown

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