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It wasn't a call for your attention. He didn't want your attention.


I am not trying to be harsh, but truthful. If he needed attention he wouldn't have been doing things to push you away. It seems like you are trying to find ways to pity him when it is not warranted. Sorry if that was too harsh.

It was so confusing though. He was doing things to show he wanted me and then doing things to show he didn't. Things he did to show he wanted me;

wanting lots of SF
buying expensive gifts
bringing me home cakes & coffee
talking about the 2 of us having days out
not wanting me to talk to other men/being jealous
demanding my attention, and doing things together

I am not even sure that my love bank is still open to him anymore. I am literally so upset the way he has treated me. I guess he knew earlier than me that things weren't working and he checked out, it has just taken me longer. I just feel so rejected and stupid for not dealing with it. I feel pity for myself.