I found out from the kids that when he spent the day with them on Sunday he was completely hungover. He had sent messages to my sister the week before complaining about not seeing the children for 5 days and then when he does they spend the day in doors playing computer games feeling rubbish!! He took them to the chinese next door. I had visions of him taking them somewhere nice and then a lovely home cooked dinner. Can't believe that. He will be drowning his sorrows in drink.

It is so easy to fall into a pit of dispair, and to say I am suffering I can't cope, put me into a mental hospital and you have the children/the house/ the lot. I WONT let that happen.

Things I am going to do this week;

Have my new hairstyle done - I am having extensions done to glam myself up a bit
Get a new outfit for Friday night
Get a manicure
Book a night away with kids somewhere fun for school hols in a couple of weeks
Book my tennis lesson
Enter for a run
Stop talking about BF
Stop looking at old emails/letters/listening to voice messages
Stop trying to work out what I did wrong

I want to feel good again and I want to get my glow back. I am going to see Docs on Friday as a follow up appointment.

Have a great day all of you.