Thanks Melody

Well Mum came over to the rescue and sat with me for the afternoon and I feel 100% better. She gave me a few face slaps 😂 and told me I hope you never get back with him again.

So I need to confess that I broke Plan B which contributed to melt down. I took over from my IM last week and we have been exchanging messages all this week about the children. Whoops. His messages started off nice then took an angry tone.

So I have gone into Plan B DARK. I have removed myself from the football WhatsApp group and the family WhatsApp group. So IM just told me that BF has messaged about that and wants to know now I have left the group how am I going to get the messages? He also asked for my IM to include his sister in all the messages.

Feeling strong again and feeling free. My goodness this is such a roller coaster of emotions is this normal??