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So I have gone into Plan B DARK. I have removed myself from the football WhatsApp group and the family WhatsApp group. So IM just told me that BF has messaged about that and wants to know now I have left the group how am I going to get the messages? He also asked for my IM to include his sister in all the messages.

Feeling strong again and feeling free. My goodness this is such a roller coaster of emotions is this normal??

If you will stick to an airtight Plan B you will start feeling like a million bucks. The roller coaster will end!

And what was your answer about including your sister in communications with the IM. The answer should have been NO! He doesn't get a vote. Any communications should come through your IM and it should be screened out to only include pertinent info about kids, finances IN HER WORDS.

Have you seen an attorney yet to get a custody and financial agreement in place?

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