I slept for 10 hours last night must have needed that good cry yesterday!

BF now set up a WhatsApp group with my IM and his sister and my IM has responded!!! Ahhh. He is so pushy it’s untrue. I think my IM thinks that she would keep the peace that way. Why is it so hard and why does he keep setting up WhatsApp groups copying in everyone?!?!

Anyway my IM said she was sorry and is coming over in the morning and we will sort it all out block him off her WhatsApp and just send text messages to him direct. Why does he keep doing this? I had to block him from my mums WhatsApp yesterday as he kept setting groups up with her in.

Kids FaceTimed BF last night. He was in London Working this is where OW was from. Usually he stays up on a Thursday night which I assume is when he has been taking her out. He made it very clear in a loud voice that he wasn’t staying up there and was getting the 7pm train home. Yeah right as if I believe that one.

I had an amazing day today. I went for a run with my son who was on his bike, the sun and fresh air felt so good. Going out with friends tonight and tomorrow. I just had my hair done and it looks lush!!!!

Told a very good friend/neighbour what has happened today. She was so lovely about it. She said my husband text him a couple of weeks ago and never heard back that will be why. She said it sounds like he is having a mid life crisis...!